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Mobile Repair Services and Pick Ups Available for an Additional Charge


       -Clean & Polish

       -Oil Fretboard

       -Polish Frets

       -Clean Electronics

       -Oil Machine Heads

       -Tighten all Moving Parts

       - Complete Instrument Inspection

Set Ups

       -Adjust Neck Relief

       -Set String Height

       -Set Nut Action

       -Set Intonation

       -Cleaning, Polish, Oil and Hydrate

       -Clean Electronics

Bone Work

- Bone Nuts and Saddles Will Greatly Improve Your Instruments Tone and Sustain.

  Upgrade Your Instrument With a Bone Nut, Bone Saddle and Set Up Package and Receive a Discount!!!!

Fret Dress With Set Up:

-Level, Crown and Polish all Frets, Complete Set Up

Re fret With Set Up:

-Remove Old Frets, Plane Fretboard, Install New Frets, Fret Dress, Re Crown, Polish,

 Complete Set Up

Bridge Removal and Reset With Set Up

Bridge Removal and Replace With Set Up

Bridge Shave and Re slot

Non cosmetic Crack Repair, Rehydrate, Cleat, and Touch Up

Dents, Dings and Cosmetic Touch Up

Neck Repair With Set Up

Machine Head (Tuner) Install

Electronics Install

Complete Rewires

Acoustic Pickup Install with Set up


Custom Builds Deposit Required, No Refunds

Don't Like Taking Your Instrument to a Shop and Leaving it? Guitar Collector? No Time to Drive to a Repair Shop? Ask About My Mobile Repair and Pick Up Services.

-Rush Charge on Repairs is a 50% Upcharge

-30 Day Warranty on all Labor

-Prices Do Not Include Parts

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